The journey of music

Music is something which has no haters for sure. Its also a fact that people have different taste for the music and every individual has its own likes an dislikes for it. Like any other artistic journey, the journey of music is also quite poetic, that too in literal sense.

From the development of thoughts to assembling them, from writing the music to composing the beats, from matching the tempo with the song to the using of correct instruments. Also like any other form of art it also takes some time to create a perfect form of music that is liked and appreciated by the listeners eventually.

Like any other art form, music is something which comes from within. Its the way of communicating with the listeners. An artist’s attempt is to connect with the heart of his/her listsners, from composing the music with the heart which reaches the heart of the people. For this journey, a composer or the musician, apart from creativity needs to understand the knowledge of the musical instruments. This is perhaps the most significant part of this jouney.

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After the final composition and creation of the song, the next important step is to market the song. For the established musicians its not a hard thing to do but for the beginners and struggling musocians it becomes even more difficult than to complete the song. For those struggling and beginners, if they are confident about their piece of art and really wish to reach the wider audience, then the best way to do it is market it on social media like You Tube and Facebook. We’ve seen many famous musicians who started from social media.

At the end of the day what matters is the quality of the art, and everyone respects good art.