The Roots of CVS and Walgreens that You Must Know

We’ve been listening to the name of CVS and Walgreens respectively for their pharmacy, Beauty store, Extra care and more. CVS is again ready to roll out the exciting deals to score for its consumers during CVS Black Friday 2019. Also, Walgreens Black Friday 2019 will be neck to neck competition during the event. Let’s have a look at their history and background.


CVS and Walgreens – History & Background

“Walgreens” the name comes from Charles Wall Green. When he was a teenager he worked at the shoe factory and earning somewhat $4 a week. At this factory, he was involved in an accident that caused him to lose part of his finger. The doctor who treated him convinced him to get involved in the pharmaceutical industry. He started as an apprentice at a local pharmacy and soon moved to Chicago to study it at a larger scale. In 1897 he became a registered pharmacist and in 1901 he found himself working as a pharmacist in a drugstore owned by a man named Isaac Blood who conveniently was looking to sell it for $6000. Charles pulled together $4000 on its own and borrowed $2000 from his father to own the store.

CVS started much later in 1963 when Walgreens was already fifty-two years old. Stanley Goldstein is the main guy here along with two others. Much like Walgreens, it started as a single store. CVS stands for Consumer Value Stores, originally it wasn’t abbreviated or anything that was their name. Where Walgreens originally provided value to their customer through selling their products at low prices along with their delicious sodas and shakes.

CVS did it through customer service. They had happy attentive employees because they paid them well and treated them with respect. Not to say that Walgreens didn’t but CVS was known for it. Remember how Walgreens took eight years to open the second location. Well not CVS, by their second year they were already up to 17 and within 6 years they reached to the number of 40.