Developments in Computer System

The boom in the Information & Technology is probably the biggest revolution of modern times. Technology has undoubtedly changed the whole idea of human life. The changes occured in the past 3 decades have literally helped the human beings to expand their limit of the vision. Since their inception, computer systems have been on a continuous upgradtion and even today when we think we have achieved the highest level of computer system, but the IT comapnies be like - “hold our beer’’.

The credit behind the successful transition of the computer systems can be given to the huge investment done in Research & Development by many government and private firms all acroos the globe. Today, the most common type of computer system used by maximum number of the people is laptops because they are easy to handle and their portability. Be your primary reason to have a laptop is work or to play games, today laptops are the best choice for everything.

As the 21st century started, many new and significant developments took place in th IT industry. The more compact form of laptops was started in the form of tablets and ipads. They are much more handy and support even more number of applications because of their larger screen area with finger touch sensors.


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