Amazon Prime Day Computer Deals


The trend of Amazon Prime Day was started back in 2015 where the store exclusively rolled out deals and it has been 4 years since this trend is being continued. Amazon Prime day usually falls in the mid of July. While there is no exact date confirmed for Amazon Prime day deals but the prediction revolves around the same date as last year. This is the only time where you can dig huge discounts on tech products. Amazon Prime Day Computer Deals steal the entire show and stand out among the crowd.

When Will Amazon Prime Day deals begin?

Each year, Amazon Prime day deals begin in the mid of July. Last year, the deals went live on 16th July and continued till 17th July. The previous year was the biggest event that lasted for about 36 hours. Earlier, Amazon Prime Day deals was a one-day event. This year, we are expecting its stay for more than 48 hours.

Who Can Avail Amazon Prime Day Computer Deals?

To have access to these deals, one must be a Prime Member. In fact, the sole purpose behind announcing its unrivaled deals is to diffuse the love and privileges of being a Prime Member. If you don’t have Amazon Prime Subscription, you won’t be able to snag these deals.

Previous Year’s Amazon Prime Day Computer Deals

Following the past trends, Amazon Prime Day deals have really unrivaled prices when compared with Black Friday. No matter whether you are looking for Amazon Prime Day Computer Deals or laptop deals, you will definitely run into huge savings. Before the deals take off, here, we have mentioned down some of the best computer deals from last year:

Originally priced for $479.99, Acer Inspire was reduced to $379.99 which means $100 reduction. This computer features 12 GB RAM and 2 TB HDD and that’s what makes it more versatile.

Featuring Intel Core i3-7100, 8GB RAM, and 1TB HDD, Acer Inspire was available for $279.99 while the original price was $379.99

Amazon Prime Day Deals Predictions

Well, whether it's Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, there is always a room for uncertainty. To help you cope up with uncertainty, we have drawn some predictions based on the past trends:

Deals on Amazon products will be most-sought after and you can snag huge discounts on products like echo, kindle.

Prices of Amazon services will be reduced to the lowest. You can avail the benefits of Amazon Music Subscription at just a snip of a price.

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